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Mindprobooks is a content creation initiative for high school and college academics. We are not book publisher or retailer. We are academicians passionate about use of technology in education.

Over years of working in different geographies, we have experienced advanced learning accelerators used in corporate training. Those accelerators are focussed to shorten learning curve. At Mindprobooks, we are attempting to use similar accelerators in high school and college level learning.

Explosion of electronic media mandates change of educational course delivery mechanism. At Mindprobooks, we accept that restricting course content delivery to printed books limits the possibilities. Hence, our content delivery mechanism focusses on 
* Print on demand books available through major ecommerce retailers 
* Electronic books distributed through Smashwords, Apple iBooks and Kobo. 
* Additional education related free content shared over social media.

Why Print on Demand ?

At print on demand, each book is individually printed (in comparison with offset which requires a certain minimum amount). Print on demand frees book authors of aged inventory worry. As there isn't much inventory of pre-printed books which must be sold before a new version is released, books can be updated with better content frequently. At Mindprobooks, we revise books every month. We correct mistakes, rewrite parts and enhance diagrams based on feedback from audience.

Published on  18.09.2018